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Community building. Empty Community building.

Post by Seagull on Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:30 am

This is probably just a fantasy considering with are having trouble with the minimum costs but we should consider building having built an off the grid cabin as a started.

As a heating, powered place in which we can charge electronics, maybe have movie nights, a place where we can put a well pump and a hot shower room. And most importantly a meat locker Because keeping food from spoiling is much harder then most people realize and for the warmer half of the year we can just keep it outside in a cooler like we can in the winter.

We can always just buy a generator and run it a few times a day so we can fill a cistern and keep the coolers at a low temp. No need to initially invest in 10K in solar and batteries.

Getting a well dug is also costly but not having to dig up snow and chop through as for water would be nice in the winter. Plus less worry of contamination.


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